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Measuring & Fitting

 As all of our blinds are handmade to your requirements it's important the measurments you provide to us are accurate for your needs.

This handy quick reference guide will help you ensure a good fit for your new blind. Remember, if you get stuck you can always call or email us and we'll give you as much help and advice as possible to get the measurments right.

NOTE: As part of our commitment to Child Safety around window coverings, you may see a request during the order process for a 'Floor to Window Top' measurement. Please ensure that you complete this field with the relevant size as we will need this to complete your order (where applicable). 

Measuring for Perfect Fit Blinds

Before you begin: Ensure there is a clearance of 6mm all around the outside of your window beading to allow enough room for fitting a Perfect Fit blind.

Measure the glass size: Measure the Width & Drop of your glass size accurately (with a digital tape measure if possible). In our experience it helps if you measure in both corners, top & bottom, then across the middle of the window then use the smallest measurements in mm for your order.

Measuring the bead depth: Using a depth gauge if possible measure the bead depth. If a depth gauge is not available use a flat straight edge or ruler and lay it across the corner of the window from frame to frame. Then, measure down from your straight edge to the surface of the window glass and this will give you your bead depth. You will need this measurment to determine the size of the brackets to be used.

If your window handles are very close to the beading you may require 'packing pieces' which are inserted between the frame and the handle. A simple operation which 'lifts' the handle from the frame to allow better clearance for operation. There are two sizes of packing pieces available - 2mm & 6mm, these can be fitted separately or as a pair. Be sure to look out for them when you are placing your order for Perfect Fit blinds.

All Perfect Frames are supplied with the blind attached in place at the top of the frame. The remainder of the frame will need to be assembled prior to installation; this is a very simple procedure requiring only a screwdriver and full instructions will be enclosed with your new blind.

Remember, all of our blinds ordered online come complete with comprehensive fitting instructions so you don't have to worry about getting stuck when it comes to installing your tailored blinds.