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Vogue Headrails

Vogue Headrails


The Slimline® Vogue aluminium headrail extrusion is made from prime aluminium and is available in white and brown powder coated, silver anodised or polished black and champagne, which makes it corrosion resistant. Brackets are zinc plated or powder coated and manufactured with a strengthening crease for increased strength and safety.

This sleek curved headrail is unobtrusive, versatile, robust and designed to last many years.

The Vogue headrail collection offers so much;

• Good quality materials such as stainless steel and aluminium, with corrosion resistant finishes. 
• 10 year life cycle tested. 
• Tracks are supplied up to 3048mm wide (16’ 3”) in White, Brown, Black, Aluminium or Champagne.  
• Tracks come with fully enclosed end caps, which house the operating cord and chain.
• UV Stabilised prime plastics used to guard against ultra violet degradation.
• Direct drive tilt operation for positive control when opening and closing the blinds.
• Self-aligning carrier trucks have limit stops, allowing the louvre to rotate to 185 degrees.
• Spacing controlled by stainless steel spacer links for extra durability.

So when you're choosing your next vertical blind, be sure to look out for the Vogue Headrail as your first choice of finish...